Thursday, June 6, 2002

The to do list is somewhat shorter after a hard day at it. Only a couple of pages worth of things to go this week.

Today was a day of lasts. It was the last day of pre-school for my son Lukas. He has been going to TenderTracks for the past two years. TenderTracks is a uniquely Californian creation. It's one teacher, six kids and a volkswagen van. They meet every day, and go hike every day rain or shine. Through it, he has learned to carry a backpack, walk everywhere, identify plants and birds, and animals, and rocks, sing songs, and all of the other normal pre-school things. He's sad about leaving it, but happy with his next school.

My eldest daughter Lauren has been hanging out in a burger joint every Thursday afternoon after school, and today was the last early day of school for her. She's off to high school in the fall, and so it was the last corn dog at Tom's. Lots of endings today.

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