Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Well July went just as fast. Here's this month's highlights: A beautiful 4th of July, daily carpools (starting at 6:30am to synchro practice, then 9:30 pick up from swim practice, 10 pickup from synchro, drop at Mitty and Gallagher by 10:30, Noon pickup at Gallagher, and 12:15 at Mitty, shopping, a couple of errands, and that's it for the carpools).

There have been two funerals this month. Ryan McLean, age 20 months, and Anna Frost age 82 years. Worlds apart. A trip to Chicago for one funeral with Lukas. That included Sailing, the farm, Anne Sathers, Gummy and the cousins.

A trip with Lauren to LA for a boom for the Olson. Stopping at Olson 30 Nationals, and then a visit with the Watkins in LA, MIB 2, and a nice drive with stops in Solvang, and Santa Barbara.

The carpools at the end of the month are more bearable 8:30 Hill to Castelleja, and Lukas 9:00 to Hillbrook pickups are at 4 and 3. Lauren is at the US Open in Detroit (she's in 23 with figures, and in first going into the finals for team). Beth is halfway through her summer program. I've read about 12 books, moved TRS a step closer, and have the Leo grant to write.

It's good.

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