Monday, October 28, 2002

On Sunday, I witnessed an amazing act of will. At 9am, 700 swimmers swam from Angel Island to Tiburon, across Raccoon Strait. The water was brisk, with the most optimistic temperature report reaching a balmy 60 degrees. Nevertheless, several attempted the swim without wetsuits. One of those intrepid souls was my friend, who traveled to the Bay Area on Saturday just to swim. She described the swim as hand-to-hand combat for about 200 meters, then uninterrupted swimming for about a mile (sighting the finish buoy, but it never seeming to get close), then hand-to-hand combat for the last 200 meters to the finish. When she crossed the finish line, someone asked her if she could feel everything. She said no, so the paramedics carried her to a warm ambulance to recover. She did recover, and when she did, she found out that she won her division.

--She has a will of iron.

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