Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Election day. Like many people, I am wary of our political circumstances. But this is an old story. Shakespeare and the Greeks have written all about it before. I am reminded, and in a weird way comforted by a line of dialog from the film Nicholas and Alexandra:

“Strong men do not need power; the weak are destroyed by it.”

I want the US to be (or to become) one of the strong. But I worry that the power and control we wish for will ultimately be our undoing.

Will it be easy to change our present course? No. Is the present course deeply perilous? Yes. Will we stumble or fall? I don’t know. Will we all go down with the ship? I don’t know, either.

I do know that today, fed on a steady barrage of images of fear and terror, America seems to be capable of only desiring something that sounds like safety and security. Trading cold comfort for chains, indeed.

It’s hard work to imagine, desire, and ultimately conjure a better future. We certainly must be aware of what might be lost. But we have much to do.

I choose optimism over despair as my militant position.

Hopefully yours,

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