Monday, November 11, 2002

We’re making steady progress on our new company. Last Friday, we shipped our latest work off to México, where it will be installed permanently at a children’s museum. Production came down to the wire, and we were just finishing up the packing when the shipper arrived.

This was our first time shipping anything this large out of the country. The shipment went in two crates: one 1x2x10 feet, and the other 4x5x5 feet. The first one was about 3/4 full of extruded aluminum (and some steel). The second one was for the electronics, tools and spares. Neither was movable by a single person. We requested a truck with a lift gate, but the one that arrived didn’t have one. We’re not really set up for moving stuff – we don’t even have a hand truck.

Scott went out and tried to find the someone connected with a neighboring forklift, but he couldn’t find its driver. We tried finding a building with a loading dock…thinking we could wheel the crate up a ramp. Nothing. So all 5 of us did what we had to do. We lifted the two crates and put them on the truck.

Anne said: “It’s like when parents lift a Volkswagen to rescue their child.” It was. Except that our child is the size of the car, and is taking its first steps all the way to México.

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